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This site is evolving (what else?). Refresh your browser if you haven't been here recently. Latest version 1.98 September 5 2019. For a long time I've been meaning to set up a web with references to other sites and articles not found elsewhere which expose 'cult' or 'fringe' archaeology. I’ve finally gotten around to setting one up because Ross Clark asked me what to do with some graphics sent to him by Robin Stobbs. Foolishly I said no problem, I’d put them up! Fortunately web utilities are friendlier than when I first wrote a web page, so with the help of Arachnophilia, here it is.

Now that I’ve created it, I intend to use it for what in my opinion is interesting information about archaeology. In particular this will include a section on what is often called cult or fringe archaeology. I'm including also various links to more serious and to my main interest in archaeology, Romano-British archaeology. It won’t be terribly flash as I don’t have the time, and in any case prefer sites with a minimum of bells and whistles.

Besides collecting links and new information for the site, I need to figure out a way to classify the links, particularly the cult archaeology ones. As with everything else, suggestions are always welcome!